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TQ-method basics

Neurometry of abilities, or the diagnostics of talent (Talent Quotient, TQ), is a unique method for analyzing the natural potential of a person (child, teenager, adult) using an algorithm for analyzing the individual characteristics of brain work during the execution of simple standard tasks in different areas. Unlike any testing, the method does not investigate a person's skills or abilities, but only reveals areas in which development will be given easier or more difficult compared with others. It is also important that a person's abilities with relation to each other are not compared with any age norms or tables. The method is actively used in vocational guidance on the basis of the State Budget Educational Institution Secondary General Education School, developing centers, sports sections throughout Russia and beyond. The clients of the Verbatoria centers are parents who care for the eco-friendly development of children, psychologists, heads of children's institutions, representatives of the business environment, HR specialists, and parents who are worried about the future of their children. With the help of the modern method of neurometry, it is possible to reveal all the dispositions and abilities of children, which will help determine its future. 

The importance of determining the abilities and talent

Most experts agree that every child is born at least in some way capable. And it is very important to promote the development of all available talents and abilities. How often it happens that due to omissions and mistakes in the development of natural abilities in childhood, an adult can not find his place in life. He chooses the wrong profession, as a result he often has to change his job. All this ultimately causes a feeling of despair, inferiority and failure.

It is known that a great contribution to the choice of the future profession is made by the school and, of course, by the parents. And it is extremely rare that the desires of parents and their children regarding the choice of the direction of higher education coincide. Parents do not always manage to guess and predetermine in which sphere their child will be able to fully open up.

But today there is a special method by which you can accurately understand the characteristics of each person, to reveal his talents and predispositions. This is a method of neurometry, which is successfully practiced by specialists of Verbatoria. With its help we can help parents in the right choice of educational institution, circle, class, where their heirs can fully reveal their talents and continue to develop inherent abilities. 

What is the importance of determining the potential of an employee for the company?

The method of neurometry is also suitable for use by employers and recruiters. And if quite recently, the main parameters that were key in the job placement were the length of service, qualifications, age, but today the individual abilities of the employee are in priority. These abilities and talents will help the employee to bring the maximum benefit to his employer.

Theoretical aspects and features of the methodology

The human brain has always been an attractive object for research. For many centuries, scientists around the world have tried to unravel all the secrets of its work. The brain consists of billions of nerve cells that are in interdependence. The possibilities of this organ are amazing, and it keeps still a set of secrets which the mankind still should solve.

One of the foundations of the scientific basis of the neurometry of abilities is the theory of the American psychologist Howard Gardner. He gained worldwide fame due to the creation of such a notion as multiple intelligence.

In the Verbatoria centers studies are conducted on the method of neurometry, which allows to reveal all the abilities of the child, which will help to choose the direction of his further development, and also to select personnel for a particular company that will show the most effective result. In addition, using this method, you can find points of interaction between different people, eliminate interpersonal and family conflict situations. Testing is carried out according to the age groups, which makes it possible to personalize the study and guarantees more accurate results in assessing the inherent abilities and talents.

The following is the cornerstone of a method of a neurometry:

  1. - innovative developments in the field of neurotechnology allowed to obtain high-quality results of research activity of brain activity, not only when staying in a certain state, but also in solving everyday problems;
  2. - almost centenary researches in the field of a neuropsychology allowed to create the map of functionality of a brain with designation of an arrangement of the highest mental functions. Development of effective methods of neuropsychological diagnostics allows to hold careful testing of departments and functions of a brain, features of its activity;
  3. - the development of an understanding of the intelligence in the dynamics from the overall IQ assessment to the more particular indicators of the study by types of activity laid the foundation for the formation of the seven basic types of human abilities. Using the method of neurometry allows to perform analysis of each type, while determining the level of development of a particular skill. But, the main point is to identify potential opportunities for development by studying certain indicators of brain function.

Based on the results of the research conducted using the Verbatoria neurometry method, it is possible to determine as precisely as possible those directions of the child's education that will be most effective for him and will help him to reveal all his abilities to the full extent. This will also avoid the loss of time and financial resources for incorrectly selected, useless training courses and classes. A competently chosen direction of education for the child, based on his natural abilities and dispositions, will make the process more efficient and aimed at a concrete result. This will be a clearly structured process that reveals all the talents of the child and helps him to fully realize all his skills, rather than the constant change of numerous circles, sections and courses. The application of this methodology in the practice of preschool educational institutions will allow for a comparative assessment of whole groups of learners, to explore the development process in dynamics, and also to select the most optimal educational approach based on the obtained results. And in the future such results can be used by schools and higher educational institutions in order to analyze in detail the history of development of individual abilities and skills of a particular entrant.

The results of the evaluation are not a medical certificate of the established type. This is an assessment of the child's natural abilities, performed on seven vectors of intelligence. Briefly, the evaluation principle by this technique can be presented as follows: the evaluation by the method of neurometry of a particular area shows how possible the development of abilities in this area. The assessment is not aimed at determining the level at which the child is currently in a particular area of ability. But it shows whether the child will be able to achieve good success here in the future, or whether it is worth redirecting the concentration to another area.

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