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If you are
An entrepreneur
Franchise with profit minimum $1.5k
You - providing location for testing, setting local digital ads, commercials in Instagram, Pinterest, FB etc
  • rent an office 150sq.ft. for testing
  • buy from us sensors, licenses and tests
  • get from us a 2-day on-site training and get life-time licenses in your region
  • set the price for your region, attract clients
  • pay a fixed rate for the report
  • market benchmark price per testing vary $60 to $100 (even $400 in HongKong)
We - fully support you opening location for testing, hiring, marketing
  • train and certify your staff up to 3
  • receive raw measurement data from neuro-sensor and algorithm prepares an individual report for the client
  • set up your city landing page with your settings on our website and automatically send all requests to you
  • include your specialists to Verbatoria community for an easy exchange of experience online
  • help to consult your clients if necessary
  • carry our regular trainings and webinars, support participation in exhibitions and conferences
Example: the economy of the partner 's startup in the city S. (population is 570 thousand people)
6 900 USD
initial investments in the opening of testing location including lump sum payment, additional purchase of Ikea furniture, 2 months of target advertising
35-40 clients
per month, as a result of advertising at Verbatoria website (your context campaigns), and targeting (Instagram)
6 900 USD
per month, monthly net income from one office

4-5 months
return on investment
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