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If you are
Psychologist, coach, career advisor
You - get full equipment and training for unique service
  • Buy the equipment and go through a 3-day full-time training, receive a certificate of Methodist-neurometrist
  • Carry out 30-minute neuro-testings of kids and adults and automatically receive detailed reports:
  • For kids - the plan for the harmonious development
  • For school students - peculiarities and correction of attentiveness and academic progress
  • For teenagers - their strengths and career choices
  • For adults - hobby and new career choices
We - fully support your marketing, technology and methodology on-line, life-time
  • Train and certify up to 3 staff included in the price
  • The algorithm on our cloud-server automatically analyzes the data received from you and sends you the report
  • Consult you and your clients on the results
  • Carry out regular trainings, professional development trainings free of charge
  • Provide on-line WhatsApp / WeChat support for any mattters
80% of our partners are psychologists. What do they like in Verbatoria?
  • "It's a really objective test for complex cases, it removes the classic distrust to psychology."
  • "It is an access to a unique database of ready-made plans for 4-7 years kids. As for ARCHIMEDES, there is nowhere anything like it."
  • "Online chat with dozens of specialists from different areas helps to solve issues that concern not only Verbatoria."
  • "Simple and transparent financial model - it is me who sets the price for testing."
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