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Definitions according to H. Gardner

Linguistic intelligence: The ability to generate speech, including the mechanisms responsible for phonetic (speech sounds), syntactic (grammar), semantic (meaning) and pragmatic component of speech (use of speech in different situations). It is characterized by the word-sensitivity to the meaning of words, to the word order - the ability to follow the rules of the grammar, and in the appropriate case to violate them. The sensitivity to sounds, rhythm, declension and verse size are at more subtle level.

Musical and rhythmic intelligence - includes the ability to recognize and use voice and rhythm, the sensitivity to sounds and tonality, highly developed musical ear. This intelligence has a very high natural strength, like it is put in person by the nature: this explains why many of us like to hum or whistle our favorite tunes while doing some work. Obviously, this type of intelligence is expressed among composers, singers, performers, music teachers. Musical mind is based primarily on the mechanisms of tonal memory. Until a rich variety of tonal shades is stored in it, this memory will not be able to function creatively. The main components of music are height (or melody), rhythm, timbre: the characteristic special sounds made at a certain frequency and grouped according to the developed system.

“Space-temporal intelligence refers to such areas of human abilities as drawing, sculpture, design, navigation, architecture and even, oddly enough, playing chess. This type of intelligence involves highly developed abilities for figurative thinking and, as a rule, is inherent in professionals in the field of architectural and artistic creativity, cartography, design and even in experts in the field of advertising. The main abilities for space intelligence are the ability to accurately perceive the visible world, to carry out transformations and modifications according to the first impression, as well as the ability to recreate aspects of visual experience even in the absence of a corresponding physical object. The simplest operation on which other aspects of space intelligence are based is an ability to perceive a figure or an object. Space abilities can be divided into three components: the ability to establish the identity of the object seen from a different angle; the ability to visualize a movement or an internal change in the configuration of figures; the ability to operate with such space relationships in which one of the key conditions is the orientation of a body of the observer”.

Bodily and kinesthetic intelligence reflects a person's ability to express emotions, strength and beauty with the use of the plastic movements of certain muscle groups and the body as a whole. In addition, this type of intelligence in relation to the learning process means the use of materialized actions as the main stage of development of the students' mental faculties. This type is especially bright for dancers, ballet dancers, athletes, acrobats, figure skaters, circus artists. This kind of intelligence is characterized by the ability to skillfully own one's own body and use this skill for expressive and clearly delineated goals.

Interpersonal intelligence involves highly developed communication skills, the ability to work in a team, the ability to have close contact and communication with the audience, the psychological ability to feel and understand another person. This type of intelligence is inherent in psychotherapists, religious figures, politicians, managers.

Intrapersonal intelligence includes, first of all, knowledge of the internal mechanisms of a person's mental activity, at the level of feelings, emotions, experiences, introspection, intuition, etc. It also assumes sufficiently developed abilities for methodological thinking, for a profound analysis of reality, reflection, and a systematic perception of objects and phenomena. This type of intelligence can be found in thinkers, philosophers, spiritual teachers.

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